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We exist to give help and hope to kids in our communities.  

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Help us save the Rose Bowl and continue to give help and hope to the youth of this community. 

Hope 918

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One Hope Tulsa

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save the past and impact the future...

A great need! Be a classroom sponsor, contribute your construction skills, etc.!
One Hope oversees the recruitment and leadership training of college-aged interns to serve children and families in our community who are in need of help and hope. Interns work at the Rose Bowl doing hands on projects and gaining experience in urban ministry. Interns are poured in to through leadership training, Bible study, and mentorship. Interns pour out to the community through sports clinics, tutoring programs, and more. Summer internships and postgraduate internships are available.
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The Rose Bowl and One Hope actively combat the devastating cycles of poverty, racism, abuse, and violence in the city of Tulsa by specifically targeting at-risk children through relationship based programs that motivate kids though sports and educational opportunities. Why sports? Research has found that students involved in varsity sports score better on standardized tests, earn higher GPAs, are more likely to graduate from both high school and college, and have lower juvenile arrest rates. 
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We need help to finish the renovation and restoration of the Rose Bowl, and need support for the additional increase in operating costs and needs that will accompany an expansion of our programs to this building. 

​With additional partners, we hope to restore the exterior to its original appearance and even install a couple of bowling lanes to introduce the sport to the young and provide an occasional opportunity for the nostalgic.

​More classroom space is needed for our tutoring program. Handicap access, locker rooms, a complete kitchen, and a computer learning center library are also planned.

We need more volunteers and staff to successfully maintain our relationships with the students and families involved in our programs. Our focus is primarily on the benefit this facility and its assistance to our programs will be to the kids and families we serve. We also envision this project as the preservation of an historical Route 66 Tulsa landmark as well as a potential financial stimulus for East Tulsa. With help, we can save the past and impact the future. 

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One Hope Tulsa serves kids, youth, and their families through sports clinics, mentoring relationships, and tutoring programs.  These programs include Project 61, getAHEAD, and the One Hope Academy. One Hope exists to love the people in our city well by standing for justice, staying present in relationships and communities longterm, and sharing the hope of the Gospel in the context of the local church for the glory of Christ.

One Hope Internship

The name Hope 918 comes from Psalm 9:18 which says, “For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the afflicted shall not perish.” This verse captures God’s heart for the vulnerable, those at risk for and those already experiencing sexual exploitation. We fight sexual exploitation practically through girls clubs, awareness events, and outreaches, and by providing support and aftercare for affected women. 

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